‘N Style is about bringing beauty into the world as well as preserving it for our future.

We strive to minimize our ecological footprint and share our methods with the salon industry.

Below is a list of how we recycle, reuse, and share to make sure we contribute to keeping our world beautiful.


  • all hair clippings are sent away to make hair mats to soak up oil for oil spills all over the world – http://www.matteroftrust.org
  • all boxes, paper, and magazines are recycled
  • we use bio bags (so the garbage we do have does not sit there for┬áhundreds of years)
  • color gloves are washed and reused
  • we use as many fluorescent lights as our environment permits (being colorists, this can get tricky)
  • we support paper and cloth bags
  • We use the best non-toxic cleaning supplies available Eco-Me
  • instant hot water delivery system to save thousands of gallons of water
  • energy star compact flourescent light bulbs
  • salon lighting set on automatic┬átimer that will shut off all lights and power at designated time
  • restroom and laundry room have motion sensors to turn on or off as occupied

Thank you for supporting ‘N Style. Through your support, we have the ability to continue to make better choices.